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The best of Guimarães - Full day

This is a complete experience for you to feel the best that city has to offer.
It is an exclusive and private program so you have all the attention and discover at your ow...

79.00 €

Van Tours - Braga & Guimarães

This two cities are perhaps the most historical ones in Portugal!

Braga has roots from the ancient roman empire, and its importance on the region is well present in visible r...

65.00 €

Van Tours - Douro Valley & Amarante

Douro river is the 2nd biggest crossing Portugal. It joins the sea at Porto, but before that, upstream at the country interior region an mountainous formation takes place along ...

95.00 €

Van Tours - Santiago de Compostela & Valença

Santiago is one of the most popular destination for catholic pilgrims in the whole world. Is the capital of Galiza (Spain), and is the location of the Santiago Cathedral (1075 &...

90.00 €

Van Tours - Porto Heart & River

Portugal owes its name to Porto, Portus Cale from the old latin “the beautiful port”. The city was part of the Condado Portucalense – the small county tha...

85.00 €

Ponte de Lima & Barcelos

Meet Ponte de Lima - The oldest (and genuine) village in Portugal! It is a true return to the past full of enchanting stories to know and hear.

Today Barcelos is one of ...

70.00 €

Vinho Verde Experience

About 10km from the historic center, we find one of the most beautiful places where Vinho Verde is produced. Here, in a relaxed and cozy environment, we'll see how...

39.00 €

Aveiro & Ovar - Rota dos Azulejos

Conheça a Veneza portuguesa! Aveiro é uma encantadora cidade tomada por um “braço de mar” a que também chamamos “Ria”, que na...

89.00 €

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